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Instructions on Uploading and Commenting on Workshop Papers

Google Drive offers a convenient platform for collaborative commenting on papers, which allows us to exchange thoughts prior to the workshop. Engaging in early discussions can greatly enhance the in-person workshop experience.

Setting Up

  • To participate in the workshop's online discussion, you will need a Google/Gmail account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free here:

  • You will receive a share link from us, granting you access to your panel's online folder. Visit the link, and you will see the main Google Drive interface. Click on the '+ New' button in the top-left corner and select "File upload" to upload your paper draft in the format of either PDF or DOC.

  • If you want, you can actually change your Google account name (at, click “Personal Info”) to match your name so others can quickly identify you as the commenter. You can change the Google account name again at anytime later. If you do not want to change your account setting, you can sign your comments with your name at the end.

  • Please refrain from sharing the link and files with others as papers should not be circulated outside the workshop without the author’s permission.

Commenting on PDFs

  • Double-click to open the PDF file in your Google Drive folder.

  • Select the text you want to comment on, and a “Add a Comment” button with the "+" symbol will appear next to the selected text (see the picture below).

  • Click the “Add a Comment” button to leave your comment.

  • To reply to others’ comments, click the comment text (not the comment box itself or the commenter’s name) to see a reply box.

  • You do not have to join an ongoing conversation of a comment chain. You can select text that others have already commented on, add your own comment, and initiate a different conversation.

Commenting on DOCs

  • Double-click to open the DOC file.

  • In Google Docs, select the text you want to comment on, and an “Add a Comment” button will show.

  • Then you can then make comments and replies like what you would on a PDF file.

  • If you accidentally delete text while commenting, press “ctrl+z” to undo the deleting.

If you encounter any technical issues regarding uploading and commenting, feel free to ask Zixian Liu at, who assists with the technological aspect of the workshop.



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