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Workshop Program

Jackman Humanities Institute, Room 100a, 170 St. George Street,

25-26 May 2023

May 25, 2023


8:30-9:00am – Breakfast


9:00-9:15am – Introductory remarks


9:15-11:45am – Panel I: Gender, Family and the State

Chair: Husseina Dinani


Prerana Das, Queens University

“Impacts of British Colonialism on Northeast India’s Landscapes and Ethnic Identity among Women Labourers in Assam and Darjeeling.”


Nicholas Abrams, University of Toronto

“The Time of Masculinity: Class Identity and Synchronicity among Workers in South Africa’s Construction Industry.”


Rajshri Jayaraman (and Bisma Khan), University of Toronto

“Does Co-residence with Parents-in-law Reduce Women’s Employment in India?”


David Chemhuru, University of Toronto (joining via Zoom)

“Domestic Workers in the Colonial Labor Hierarchy: The Case of Selukwe Chrome Mines, Southern Rhodesia, 1953-1979.’


Nicholas Li, Toronto Metropolitan University

“What is a Weekend? A View from the Margins using Indian Time-use Data”


11:45 – Lunch


1:15-3:30pm – Panel II: (Un-)Valuable Work and Workers

Chair: Stephen Rockel


Damilola Adebayo, York University

“Dying in the Service of Empire: The Politics of Compassionate Gratuity in the Nigerian Civil Service, 1900-1960.”


Madhavi Jha, University of Toronto Mississauga

“Living or Subsisting?: Gender and Wages on Famine Public Works in Colonial India” 


Husseina Dinani, University of Toronto Scarborough

“Between Flex and Tenure: Household farming, Wage Labour and Precarity in colonial southern Tanzania.”


Jeffrey Gunn, Independent Scholar

“Africans in the Royal Navy: Kru Wage Labour in the Nineteenth Century, Part 1.” 


3:30-3:45pm – Break


3:45-6pm – Panel III: Between Coercion and Freedom

Chair: Husseina Dinani


Vanessa S. Oliveira, Royal Military College of Canada

“Enslaved Africans in the Plantations of the Luanda Hinterland, 1840-1860.”


Andrew J. Pothier, University at Buffalo

“Toward an Understanding of the Labor History at the Hatherley Distillery, Pretoria, South Africa, 1875 – 1910.”


Stephen Rockel, University of Toronto

“A Labour Scandal and the Crisis of Colonialism: Wembere, Tanganyika, 1930.”


Deborah Neill, York University

“Knowledge-Keepers: Telegraph Workers and Guides in First World War Cameroun.”


 6:30pm – Dinner (Rikki Tikki – 209 Augusta Avenue)



May 26, 2023


8:45-9:15am – Breakfast


9:15-11:45am – Panel IV: Global Systems and Mobility

Chair: Stephen Rockel


Mahua Sarkar, University of Toronto (joining via Zoom)

“Transnational Temporary Contract Work as Risk”


Tracy Lopes, University of Toronto Scarborough

“The ‘Angolan’ Serviçais Shipped to São Tomé and Príncipe in the Late Nineteenth Century


Michelle Buckley, University of Toronto, and Dr. Paula Chakravartty, New York University

“‘Placing the Recruiter: State Imperial Networks of Labour Intermediation in Uttar Pradesh.”


Ralph Callebert, University of Toronto

“Seeing Green: African Economies and the Clean Tech Industry”


12:00 – Lunch


1:30-2:30pm – Concluding remarks and discussion about future publication plans


2:30pm – Optional Cultural visit (Aga Khan Museum)

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